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This is a Forbidden Argentinian Spanish dictionary that was collected in the surroundings of Buenos Aires, the capital city of Argentina.

Most of the terms listed here are rude and uneducated, but they still exist so they cannot be ignored. This dictionary does not argue for or against the use of the so called "forbidden" vocabulary. It means to be an objective resource for the ones who wish to learn about them. Many of the expressions listed here may actually hurt people. The intent of this dictionary is not to harm anyone nor to promote or erradicate this vocabulary. If you find any of the contents in this page offensive, let me know.

The dictionary is not by any means complete; there are still many sections to add and lots of terms that do not figure here.

Note that most of the words listed here belong to the standard Argentinian Spanish vocabulary. Those are forbidden just under certain circumstances, when they express their forbidden meaning.

I'd like to thank Mark Rosenfelder for helping with the translation of some Spanish words. Also, thanks to my high school mates from the Colegio Eccleston who helped me to find most of the words listed here.


Term section


In this section, all the terms are listed by alphabetical order. If necessary, IPA (Kirshenbaum) pronunciation will be supplied between slashes ("/").

abrir el vientre [vi] (lit. 'to open the abdomen') 1. [2] to defecate (informal).

acabar [vi] (lit. 'to finish') 1. [26] to ejaculate; 2. to have an orgasm.

acariciarse [vr] (lit. 'to caress oneself') 1. [23] to masturbate.

a la flauta [fixed phrase] (lit. 'what the flute!') 1. [35] a curse; an euphemism for a la puta (see puta).

alambre [m] (lit. 'wire') 1. [14] the penis (low).

amasar el/la [14] [vi] fixed phrase (lit. 'to knead the penis') 1. [23] to masturbate (crude, unrefined).

antiembarazo [m] (lit. 'anti-pregnancy') 1. [27] condom.

araña [f] (lit. 'spider') 1. [15] the vulva (low).

argolla [f] (lit. 'ring, hoop') 1. [15] the vulva (crude, unrefined).

atender por los dos mostradores [vi] fixed phrase (lit. 'to wait on both counters') 1. [31] to be bisexual (usually derogative; contrived, jocular).

bailar(se) [vi, vr] (lit. 'to dance, to dance oneself') 1. [18] to copulate [with someone] (evasive). See also baile.

baile [m] (lit. 'dance') 1. [19] an act of copulation (evasive). See also bailar.

bala [m] (lit. 'bullet', the sense is not clear) 1. [28] a male homosexual, a gay (usually derogative). See also balero, balín.

balero [m] (a toy consisting of a stick which one has to insert in a little hole in a wooden ball) 1. [28] a male homosexual, a gay (usually derogative), probably comparing the game with anal sex. See also bala, balín; 2. the head (colloquial), comparing it with the ball of the toy.

balín, balinazo (augmentative, emphatic form of balín) [m] (lit. 'small bullet') 1. [28] a male homosexual, a gay (usually derogative). See also bala, balero.

banana [f] (lit. 'banana') 1. [14] the penis (rude, unrefined).

bañar el/la [14] [vi] fixed phrase (lit. 'to bath the penis') 1. [18] to copulate (crude, unrefined).

barca [f], barquito (diminutive, masculine form of barca) [m] (lit. 'ship') 1. [01] dung; feces (jocular), probably because both float in the water.

bazooka [f] (lit. 'bazooka', pron. /ba'suka/) 1. [14] the penis (low).

berenjena [f] (lit. 'eggplant') 1. [14] the penis (low).

bergamota [f] (the dictionary says: a kind of pear, produced by the Pyrus communis, and also a kind of lime, produced by the Citrus bergamia) 1. [14] the penis (low), probably as an elaboration of verga.

biorsi [m] (sounds like a syllable inversion, but the ethymology is not clear) 1. [11] the restroom (colloquial).

bolas (lit. 'balls') 1. [f, always plural] [16] the testicles (widely known and used by both sexes, however a taboo); 2. [vi] fixed phrase romper los/las [16] (lit. 'to break the testicles') to bother; also hinchar los/las [16] ('to pump the testicles up'). Compound forms include rompebolas, rompehuevos, rompepelotas, hinchabolas, hinchahuevos and hinchapelotas for a person who bothers ([m, f, adj]); 3. [vi] phixed phrase rascarse los/las [16] (lit. 'to scratch one's testicles') to rest lazily, to do nothing (especially if one was expected to do something particular). Women also use this expression.

bolita (lit. 'little ball') [adj] 1. [34] a Bolivian; intended and perceived as derogatory.

bombucha [f] (a very known trading mark of small balloons intended to be filled with water and thrown to people, especially during carnival) 1. [27] a condom (jocular).

bosta [f] (lit. 'dung'; not forbidden at all) 1. [1] dung; feces (especially animal dung).

brazuca [adj] 1. [34] a Brazilian; might be intended as derogatory.

budín [f] (lit. 'pudding') 1. [10] the buttocks, usually female buttocks in male to male talk, usually in appreciation (informal).

bulto [m] (lit. 'bulk, bump, bundle') 1. [14] the penis (evasive, crude).

caca, caquita (diminutive form of caca) [f] (lit. 'cack, crap'; not forbidden at all) 1. [1] dung; feces (widely known and used by both sexes, often juvenile).

cachetes [m, usually plural] (lit. 'buttocks', in Argentina, commonly used as 'cheeks') 1. [10] buttocks (often juvenile).

cachucha [f] (probably an expressive creation phrase) 1. [15] the vulva (often juvenile; may be crude depending on use).

cafiolo (seems to come from Italian slang) [m] 1. [37] a male who patronizes prostitutes; see also fiolo.

cafisho (/ka'fiSo/, as cafiolo, seems to come from Italian) [m] 1. [37] a male whose bussiness is managing prostitutes.

cagada (past participle of cagar) [f] 1. [1] dung; feces (rude); 2. a great mistake.

cagar (lit. 'to shit') 1. [vi] [2] to defecate (rude); 2. [vi] to be lost, usually while fronting a hard trouble as in cagué: no encuentro las llaves ('I'm screwed up: I don't find the keys'); 3. [vt] to betray someone, to do anything against someone, to ruin something; 4. [vr] (cagarse) to scare; 5. [vi] fixed phrase (cagarse de [noun]) to be really affected by certain state, expressed in the noun: usually, "cagarse de risa" (to laugh a lot), "cagarse de miedo" (to be very afraid), "cagarse de frío" (to be really cold); 6. [vi] fixed phrase (cagarse [gerund]) denotes a big effort or suffering in order to perform the verb expressed in the gerund: usually, "cagarse mojando" (to get really wet, probably without wanting so and suffering), "cagarse estudiando" (to study a lot, probably involving a tremendous effort); 7. [vr] (cagarse en alguien/algo) ('to shit on someone/something') not to care at all about it; similar to English 'not to give an X for someone/something'.

canicas [f, always plural] (lit. 'marbles') 1. [16] the testicles (informal). See also bolas.

cantos [m, always plural] (lit. 'edges') 1. [10] the buttocks (jocular).

caño [m] (lit. 'tube') 1. [14] the penis (rude); 2. a joint (marijuana cigarette); 3. something great, 'cool'; i.e. ¡es un caño! (that's cool!).

caracho, caramba [interj] 1. [35] a curse; both are euphemisms for carajo (sense 2).

carajo (lit. the high mast of a ship) 1. [m] [14] the penis was its original sense, but it's not in use now; 2. [interj] a curse; an expression of anger; see caramba.

cargar la escopeta/pistola [vi] (lit. 'to load the gun') 1. [23] to masturbate (jocular, low). See also escopeta, pistola.

cartílago [m] (lit. 'cartilage') 1. [14] the penis (rude).

cartuchera [f] (lit. 'cartridge belt', also 'pencilbox') 1. [15] the vagina (low).

clavelito [m] (lit. 'the little carnation', usually in general definite form, 'el clavelito') 1. [14] the penis (juvenile, used by some old people with their little grandsons).

cloro [m] (lit. 'chlorine'; though cloro in its usual sense is uncountable, while used in this sense is often used as countable: 'un cloro') 1. [3] urine (colloquial); 2. the act of urinating. See also echarse un cloro.

cojer [vi, vt] (lit. 'to .') 1. [18] to copulate [with someone]; this is the most popular word for copulating (widely known and used by both sexes, however a taboo). Spanish may have problems with this verb since cojer is, in all persons and tenses, phonologically exactly like coger ('to take hold of'); in Argentina agarrar is used instead of coger due to obscure circumstances.

cola [f] (lit. 'tail', not forbidden at all) 1. [14] the buttocks (juvenile).

comechingón [m] (one of the comechingones, an amerindian tribe who inhabited the Sierras of Córdoba, Argentina) 1. [28] a male homosexual, a gay (usually derogative, contrived). This is some sort of pun; comechingón sounds like a composition of 'come' (present, singular, third person form of the verb 'to eat') and 'chingón' (which means nothing but may sound like an expressive creation for the penis), alluding oral sex. See also comérsela.

comérsela [vr] (lit. 'to eat it') 1. [29] to be gay (rude, usually derogative).

concha (lit. 'shell') 1. [f] [15] the vulva, the vagina (widely known and used by both sexes, however a taboo); 2. la concha de la lora [interj] fixed phrase ('the vulva of the (female) parrot') a common swearing interjection; 3. la concha de tu madre [interj] fixed phrase ('your mother's vulva') a common insult, also la concha de tu hermana ('your sister's vulva') or any female relative's vulva; another common form is la concha tuya ('your vulva'). These expressions are also used for men.

cotorra [f] (lit. 'parrot') 1. [15] the vulva (somehow jocular).

cueva [f] (lit. 'cave') 1. [15] the vulva (low).

culear [vi, vt] (derived from culo) 1. [20] to perform anal sex [with someone] (rude). See also culo.

culo [m] (lit. 'asshole') 1. [10] the anus, the buttocks (widely known and used by both sexes at all ages, as it is standard Spanish, however a taboo); 2. good luck, especially in a game, especially in the phixed phrase ¡qué culo!, 'lucky you!'; in this expression ojete and orto may also take its place. See also culear, culo flojo.

culo flojo [m, adj] (lit. 'feeble ass') 1. [9] a person who releases intestinal gas habitually (rude); also a person who cannot control his or her sphincters. See also culo.

curtir [vi] (lit. 'to tan') 1. [18] to copulate [with someone] 2. to perform(?); hard to explain. Found in the phixed phrase ¿qué onda curtís? that may mean lots of things, sometimes agressive, rude versions of 'how do you do?', 'which group do you belong to?' (especially speaking of urban tribes), 'what are you doing here?' or 'what do you do for a job?'.

chacón [f] (syllable inversion of concha) 1. [15] the vulva, the vagina (crude). See also concha.

chaucha [f] (lit. 'green bean', including the seath) 1. [14] the penis (low).

chino [adj] 1. [34] lit. Chinese; applied to any Asian (properly Chinese, but also Japanese or Korean); see ponja.

chino tuerto [m] (lit. 'the one-eyed Chinese', usually in general definite form, 'el chino tuerto') 1. [14] the penis (contrived and jocular).

chizito [m] (snack made of cheese and corn paste, almost always together with crisps) 1. [14] the penis, especially a small one or the one of a child (jocular, uneducated); 2. a person with a small penis (sometimes derogative).

chocha [f, adj] (feminine form of chocho, lit. 'doting', in Argentina applied to decrepit old people) 1. [15] the vulva, the vagina (crude).

chonga [f] (probably an expressive creation) 1. [14] the penis.

chorizo [m] (lit. 'sausage', especially red pork sausage) 1. [1] a piece of dung (unrefined); 2. [14] the penis (crude).

chota/o (lit. 'kid, young goat, calf', but nobody understands so in Argentina) 1. [f/m] [14] the penis (rude, taboo; once popular, now a bit out of use); 2. [adj] something of poor quality, the corresponding noun is chotada ([f], unrefined); 3. [adj] a decrepit old person (rude, usually derogative).

chulear [vi] (probably an expressive creation) 1. [12] to vomit (colloquial).

chupar [vi, vt] (lit. 'to suck') 1. [21] to perform oral sex [on someone] (rude).

darle a alguien [vt] fixed phrase (lit. 'to give (something) to someone', the given thing is never said) 1. [18] to copulate [on someone] (rude).

dejar el [10] como una flor [vt] fixed phrase (lit. 'to leave the anus as a flower') 1. [20] to perform anal sex on someone (rude).

echarse un cloro [vr] fixed phrase (lit. 'to have a cloro') 1. [4] to urinate (colloquial). See also cloro.

echarse un polvo [vr] fixed phrase (lit. 'to have a polvo') 1. [18] to copulate (colloquial). See also polvo.

elcho [m] (apocopation of 'el choto') 1. [14] the penis, as if it were a person (jocular, uneducated). See also choto.

empomar [vi, vt] (probably from pomo, 'pome') 1. [18] to copulate [with someone] (unrefined).

entregar el [10] [vi] phixed phrase ('to surrender one's anus') 1. [20] to perform anal sex [with someone], being the subject the patient in the relationship; often used in imperative mood ('entregá el [10]').

escopeta [f] ('shotgun') 1. [14] the penis; see cargar la escopeta.

escupitajo [m] 1. [14] sputum.

fiolo [m] 1. [37] a male who manages prostitutes; see also cafiolo.

flowear [vi] (it's not really a Spanish word, it clearly comes from English 'flow') 1. [26] to ejaculate (contrived).

floweo [m] 1. [25] ejaculation.

follar [vt, vi] (lit. '.') 1. [18] to copulate (this word is mostly used in Spain; in Argentina is commonly read in foreign books or movies translated by Spanish).

forro [m] (lit. 'cover', i.e. of a book) 1. [27] condom; 2. also a bad person, used as an insulting term of address.

gallego [adj] 1. [34] lit. Galician, but it is applied to any Spanish, as many Spanish immigrants were Galician. In Argentinian tradition, the jokes are about gallegos, who are considered to be stupid.

gallina [f], gallo [m] (lit. 'hen', 'cock') 1. [14] the penis; 2. [7] gallo means also 'sputum'; compare pollo.

garcar [vt] (syllable inversion of 'cagar') 1. [2] to shit; see cagar; ('garcar' may take all the meanings 'cagar' has).

garcear [vi] 1. [8] to spit; from garzo.

garco [vi] 1. [1] crap, dung; from garcar.

garcha [f] (unknown origin) 1. [14] the penis; see also garchar, garche; 2. also a cheap, low quality thing.

garchar [vt, vi] (unknown origin) 1. [18] to copulate [with someone]; compare garcha, garche.

garche [m] (unknown origin) 1. [19] the act of copulating; see garcha, garchar.

gargajear [vi] (from 'gargajo') 1. [8] to spit mucus; see also gargajo.

gargajo [m] (probably onomatopoeical) 1. [7] sputum; compare gargajear.

garzo [m] (dictionaries say 'blue'; and a 'garzo' should be a male heron) 1. [7] sputum.

gata [f], gato [m] (lit. 'cat') 1. [33] a woman who stays with a man as a lover due to his power or money, sometimes for cash or other goods.

geisho [m] (a pun on 'geisha' (those japanese ladies) and 'gay') 1. [28] a male homosexual.

gemelos [m, always in plural definite form: 'los gemelos'] (lit. 'the twins') 1. [16] the testicles.

globo, globito (diminutive form of globo) [m] (lit. 'balloon') 1. [27] condom.

goma [f] (lit. 'gum, rubber') 1. [14] the penis; 2. [17] in plural form (eg. 'las gomas'), the female breast.

gomita [f] (diminutive of 'gum') 1. [27] condom.

guindas [f; in plural definite form] (lit. 'morello cherry') 1. [16] the testicles.

gustarle a uno la bala [vr] (lit. 'to like someone the bullet [penis]') 1. [29] to be gay; notice that in this expression, bala doesn't intend to mean 'gay' but 'penis'.

hacer el [10] [vt] (the strict meaning is hard to tell; 'to make someone the anus', where someone is the patient and 'make' has a similar meaning to the one it has in 'make the bed') 1. [20] to perform anal sex on someone.

hacer escupir al/a la [14] [vi] ('to make the penis spit') 1. [23] to masturbate.

hacer la del mono [vi] ('to do what the monkey does') 1. [23] to masturbate.

hacer pis [vi] ('to pee') 1. [4] to urinate.

hacerlo [vi] ('to do it') 1. [18] to copulate.

hacerlo por atrás, hacerlo por atriqui [vi] ('to do it by the rear', 'atriqui' is a nonstandard deformation of 'atrás) 1. [20] to perform anal sex with someone.

hacerse la/una [22] [vr] (something like 'to perform a masturbation on oneself') 1. [23] to masturbate.

huasca [f] (probably from an amerindian language, maybe Quechua (?)) 1. [32] semen; I'm not quite sure about the spelling, some people would write 'guasca' or even 'wasca'.

huevos [m; always in plural] ('eggs') 1. [16] the testicles.

ir para atrás [vi] ('to go backwards') 1. [29] to be homosexual; from the belief that homosexuality is unnatural.

japa [f] (syllable inversion of 'paja') 1. [22] the act of masturbation; see paja.

jeropa [m] (syllable inversion of 'pajero') 1. [24] a person who usually masturbates, usually a male; see pajero.

joder [vi, vt] (lit. 'to .') 1. [18] to copulate [with someone]; this is the original Spanish meaning; 2. to bother someone as in no me jodas (don't bother me); 3. to waste time, or wander not focusing in anything in particular; 4. to joke, to be kidding someone, as in ¿me estás jodiendo? (are you kidding me?); 5. in the fixed phrase jodéte, it's just like ". you".

jugar con el/la [14] [vi] ('to play around with the penis') 1. [23] to masturbate.

kinotos [m; in plural form] (a kind of tiny yellow fruit) 1. [16] the testicles.

la del mono [f] ('the money one', 'what the monkey does') 1. [22] the act of masturbation; the monkeys are known for being one of the least animals that masturbate.

lamer [vi] ('to lick') 1. [21] to perform oral sex on someone.

lanzar [vi] ('to throw') 1. [12] to vomit.

leche [f] ('milk') 1. [32] semen.

limones [m; in plural form] ('lemons') 1. [17] the female breast.

Luis [m] ('Luis', the male name) 1. [5] a personalization of the flatulences; it seems to be due to the final 's', which sounds like some flatulences.

mamar [vi] ('to suck') 1. [21] to perform oral sex on someone; see mamón.

mamón [m] ('one who sucks') 1. [28] a male homosexual; from mamar.

mango [m], manija [f] ('handle') 1. [14] the penis.

maní [m] ('peanut') 1. [14] the penis; esp. a small one.

Manuela (Soledad Palma) [f] (an hypotetical name of a woman, which happens to be a pun, as 'Manuela' is similar to 'mano', 'Soledad' means 'loneliness' and 'Palma' is the palm of the hand; all of which are possible names and are related with masturbation) 1. [22] the act of masturbation.

maraca [f] ('maraca', a musical instrument) 1. [28] a male homosexual, probably from sound similarity with marica.

marica, maricón (augmentative form of marica) [m] ('puff, queer') 1. [28] a male homosexual; compare maraca.

mariposón [m] (augmentative form of 'mariposa' ('butterfly'), in male gender) 1. [28] a male homosexual.

marrón [m] ('brown') 1. [1] human feces; 2. [10] also, the anus, the human buttocks.

masca[14](s) [m] ('penis-chewer') 1. [28] a male homosexual; example compounds: mascapitos, mascabananas, etc.

mear [vi] ('to pee') 1. [4] to urinate; see meo.

me cacho en diez [fixed phrase] 1. [35] an expression of anger; an euphemism for me cago en Dios ('I shit on God') (see cagar, sense 7); also apocoped to mecacho.

melones [m; always in plural form] ('melons') 1. [17] the female breast.

meo [m] 1. [3] urine; from mear.

meter el/la [14] [vi] ('to put the penis into') 1. [18] to copulate (used for men).

mierda [f] (lit. 'shit') 1. [1] dung, crap; 2. also, an interjection of complaint, as in ¡mierda! (shit!); 3. wrong, bad, as in -¿Cómo estás? -Para la mierda (-How are you doing? -Truly bad); 4. de mierda is used as a common adjective meaning 'cursed', 'damnable', just as English '.ing' is; as in salí, perro de mierda ('get out, you .ing dog!').

miércoles [f] (lit. 'Wednesday') 1. [35] an euphemistic form of mierda (senses 2, 3, 4).

mierdera [f], mierdero [m] 1. [1] dung, crap; a kind of emphatic form of mierda.

mojar (el/la [14]) [vt] (lit. 'to wet (the penis)') 1. [18] to copulate with someone.

morcilla [f] (lit. 'black pudding') 1. [14] the penis.

moverse [vr] ('to move') 1. [18] to copulate with someone.

mozo sin bandeja [m] ('waiter without a tray') 1. [28] a male homosexual; waiters carry the tray with the hand over their shoulders; if the tray was taken out the hand stays in a position which is usually used to refer to gays.

muñeco [m] ('puppet, doll') 1. [14] the penis.

no saber en qué baño entrar [vi] ('not to know which restroom to go to') 1. [31] to be a bisexual; supposedly, bis can't decide if they should enter to the male or the female toilet.

ñoba [m] (syllable inversion of 'baño', 'bathroom, restroom') 1. [11] the restroom.

ojete [m] (a kind of diminutive form of 'ojo', 'eye') 1. [10] the anus; culo.

orto [m] (probably, from greek 'orthos' which means 'straight, rectus') 1. [10] the anus; see also culo.

paja [f] ('straw') 1. [22] the act of masturbation. This is the most popular word for masturbation; see also japa, pajero.

pajero [m] 1. [24] one who masturbates (also a term of address); from paja; see jeropa.

palo [m] ('stick') 1. [19] the penis.

pan dulce [m] (lit. 'sweet bread'; the bread with fruits eaten at Christmas time) 1. [10] the female buttocks, usually in appreciation in male talk.

papa y huevo [fixed phrase] ('potatoes and egg', the ingredients to cook omelettes) 1. [30] a female homosexual, a lesbian; from tortilla.

paragua [adj] ('paraguas' means 'umbrella') 1. [34] a Paraguayan, intended as derogatory.

pavo, pavito (diminutive of pavo) [m] (lit. 'turkey', the animal) 1. [10] the buttocks, usually in appreciation.

pechuga [f] ('breast' (i.e. of a chicken)) 1. [17] the female breast.

pedazo [m; in definite form: 'el pedazo'] ('junk, portion', though it sounds much ruder) 1. [14] the penis.

pedo [m] ('fart') 1. [5] flatulence; 2. state of drunkness as in flor de pedo me agarré ('quite drunk I got' in a very emphatic, slangish form); also in the fixed phrase estar en pedo ('to be drunk' in the sense of 'to be crazy' (figurative)) and ni en pedo ('not even drunk') as in -¿Querés probar guiso de caracol? -Ni en pedo. (-Wanna try some snail stew? -Not even crazy); 3. in the fixed phrase cagar a pedos, to use strong words with someone as a telling-off.

pelotas [f; always in plural] ('balls') 1. [16] the testicles.

pendejo [m] 1. [13] a pubic hair; 2. despectively, a kid.

penetrar [m] ('to penetrate') 1. [18] to penetrate, during the copulation.

pepino [m] ('cucumber') 1. [14] the penis.

petú [m] 1. [5] flatulence (juvenile).

pija [f] 1. [14] the penis. Common; maybe this is the most popular word for penis now.

pillar [vi] (traditionally, 'to catch') 1. [4] to urinate.

pingo [m] (in an amerindian language, 'horse') 1. [14] the penis.

pipí [m] (expressive creation) 1. [3] urine (juvenile); compare popó.

pis [m] ('pee') 1. [3] urine (not forbidden at all).

pistola [m] ('gun') 1. [14] the penis; compare escopeta.

pitilín, pitulín [m] 1. [14] the penis (juvenile); diminutive, somewhat jocular forms of pito.

pito [m] ('whistle') 1. [14] the penis (jocular).

plastiquito [m; in definite form: 'el plastiquito'] ('the little plastic thing') 1. [27] condom.

polvo [m] ('dust, powder') 1. [19] the act of copulation; 2. [25] ejaculation.

pollo [m] ('chicken') 1. [7] sputum; compare gallo.

pomelos [m; always in plural] ('grapefruits') 1. [17] the female breast.

pompis [m; always in plural] 1. [10] the female buttocks, usually in appreciation.

ponja [adj] (syllable inversion of 'Japón', 'Japan') 1. [34] a Japanese, intended as derogatory; also as a term of address.

popó [m] (expressive creation) 1. [1] dung (juvenile); compare pipí.

poporembó [m] (from Guaraní) 1. [10] the human buttocks.

poronga [f] (from an amerindian language, the 'porongo' is a recipient for drinking 'mate') 1. [14] the penis.

puta [f] (from 'prostituta', 'prostitute') 1. [33] a female prostitute; see also puto; compare trola/trolo.

puto [m] 1. [28] a male homosexual; see puta.

romper el [10] [vi, vt] ('to break someone's anus') 1. [20] to perform anal sex on someone.

ruso [adj] 1. [34] lit. Russian; but used to refer to jews as most Russian immigrants happened to be jews; might be intended and perceived as derogatory.

sable [m] ('saber') 1. [14] the penis.

saborear [vt] ('to savour, to taste') 1. [21] to perform oral sex on someone.

sacudir el/la [14] [vi] ('to shake the penis') 1. [23] to masturbate.

salchicha [f], salchichón (augmentative form of salchicha which names a kind of cold meat) [m] ('sausage') 1. [14] the penis.

selva [f] ('forest') 1. [13] the pubic hair, as a whole.

sin hueso [in the definite feminine fixed phrase, 'la sin hueso'] ('the boneless one') 1. [14] the penis, as it has no bones; the expression is also applied to the tongue.

sonar las tripas [vi] ('to sound one's guts') 1. [2] to defecate.

sopla[14](s) [m] ('penis-blower') 1. [28] a male homosexual, a gay; i.e. soplacaños.

sordo [m; always in indefinite form 'un sordo'] ('a deaf one') 1. [5] flatulence.

sorete [m] 1. [1] a piece of dung (countable); see sorullo, tereso.

sorullo [m] (despective form of 'sorete') 1. [1] a piece of dung; from sorete; also spelled soruyo.

succionar [vi] ('to suck') 1. [21] to perform oral sex on someone.

tano [adj] (unclear origin) 1. [34] an Italian.

telo [m] (syllable inversion of 'hotel' which is pronounced /o'tel/) 1. [36] a motel, where people go to have sex.

tercer pierna [f; in definite form: 'la tercer pierna'] ('the third leg') 1. [14] the penis; notice that the apocope is wrong: it should be 'la tercera pierna'.

tereso [m] (syllable inversion of 'sorete'; it sounds similar to 'Teresa' which is a woman name) 1. [01] a piece of dung; see sorete.

tetas [f] (lit. 'tits') 1. [17] the female breast.

tirapedos [m] ('fart-shooter') 1. [9] a person who releases gas, as a term of address; from pedo.

tirar el/la [14] [vi] ('to pull the penis') 1. [23] to masturbate, esp. to masturbate another person; canonically tirar la goma as in tiráme la goma (masturbate me, do me a blow job); see goma.

tirarse un [5] [vr] ('to shoot a flatulence') 1. [6] to release intestinal gas.

tocarse [vr] ('to touch oneself') 1. [23] to masturbate.

torcer el [10] [vr] ('to twist the anus', 'to bend the anus') 1. [20] to perform anal sex on someone.

torta [f] ('cake') 1. [1] crap, dung; 2. [30] a female homosexual, lesbian; see tortilla.

tortilla, torti (apocope of tortilla) [f] (an Spanish omelette) 1. [30] a female homosexual; probably from the belief that homosexuality is unnatural, considering that omelettes are turn upside down and so are lesbians; see papa y huevo, torta, tortillera, vuelta y vuelta; 2. also, lesbianism.

tortillera [f] ('one who cooks/likes tortilla') 1. [30] a female homosexual; compare tortilla (sense 2).

traba [f] (lit. 'tie, bond') 1. [28] a male homosexual who dresses like a woman; from travesti as it sounds similar.

traga[14](s) [m] ('penis-swallower') 1. [28] a male homosexual; i.e. tragasables; see tragar.

tragar [vt] ('to swallow') 1. [21] to perform oral sex on someone; see traga[14](s).

trasero [m] ('back, rear') 1. [10] the human buttocks.

trava [m] 1. [28] a male homosexual who dresses like a woman; from travesti, see also traba.

travesaño[m] ('crossbar') 1. [28] a male homosexual who dresses like a woman; sounds like travesti.

travesti [m] (originally 'travestido', 'transvestite') 1. [28] a male homosexual who dresses like a woman; see also traba, trava, travesaño.

trola [f] (unknown origin) 1. [33] a female prostitute; see trolo.

trolo [m] 1. [28] a male homosexual, gay; see trola.

trono [m] (lit. 'throne') 1. [11] the water-closet.

trozo [m] ('piece, junk') 1. [14] the penis.

Tulipán, Tuli (apocope of Tulipán) [m] ('tulipán' means 'tulip', but it is also a known trading mark of condoms) 1. [27] condom.

turco [adj] 1. [34] lit. Turkish, but used to refer to any Middle Asian, especially from Arabian countries.

upite [m] (unknown origin) 1. [10] the anus.

verde [m; in indefinite form: 'un verde'] ('a green one') 1. [7] sputum.

verga [f] ('rod') 1. [14] the penis; see also bergamota.

vuelta y vuelta [fixed phrase] (hard to translate: lit. 'turn and turn', it describes a method of cooking a meal turning it upside down once and again) 1. [30] a female homosexual, from tortilla, as omelettes are cooked 'vuelta y vuelta'.

wind [m] (from English) 1. [5] gas, flatulence.

yanqui [adj] ('yankee') 1. [34] an American; might be intended as derogatory.

yirar [vi] (from Italian 'girare', 'to wander') 1. to wander the streets (i.e. a prostitute, a cab); deriv. yiro.

yiro [m] 1. [33] a female prostitute; compare yirar.

yorugua [adj] (syllable inversion of 'uruguayo') 1. [34] an Uruguayan; might be intended as derogatory.

zanahoria [f] ('carrot') 1. [14] the penis.


List section


In the following lists, the terms are ordered according to categories. Each term is a link to the term section.

  1. List [1] contains terms meaning dung. Technical terms are heces, excremento, materia fecal and deposición (for the act of defecating):

    barca, barquito, bosta, caca, caquita, cagada, chorizo, garco, marrón, mierda, mierdera, mierdero, popó, sorete, sorullo, tereso, torta.

  2. List [2] contains terms meaning to defecate. Educated expressions include defecar and mover el vientre:

    abrir el vientre, cagar, garcar, sonar las tripas.

  3. List [3] contains terms meaning urine. Educated expressions are orina and micción (for the act of urinating):

    cloro, meo, pipí, pis.

  4. List [4] contains terms meaning to urinate. Educated terms include orinar:

    echarse un cloro, hacer pis, mear, pillar.

  5. List [5] contains terms meaning flatulence. Educated terms are flatulencia and gas:

    Luis, pedo, petú, sordo, wind.

  6. List [6] contains terms meaning to release intestinal gas. Educated phrases include expeler gas and expeler flatulencias:

    cagarse, tirarse un [5].

  7. List [7] contains terms meaning (coughed up) mucus. Educated terms are mucosidad (for any mucus-like substance) and flema (for coughed up mucus):

    escupitajo, gallo, gargajo, garzo, pollo, verde.

  8. List [8] contains terms meaning to cough up or to spit mucus:

    garcear, gargajear.

  9. List [9] contains derogatory expressions addressing a person who releases intestinal gas, usually habitually. Polite expressions include incontinente (applied to a person who cannot control his or her sphincters):

    culo flojo, tirapedos.

  10. List [10] contains terms refering to the human buttocks and the anus (consult individual entries). Educated terms include nalgas and glúteos for the buttocks, and ano and recto for the anus (note there is a difference between recto and ano):

    budín, cachetes, cantos, cola, culo, marrón, ojete, orto, pan dulce, pavito, pavo, pompis, poporembó, trasero, upite.

  11. List [11] contains terms meaning restroom. Educated terms include baño and the more formal sanitario:

    biorsi, ñoba, trono.

  12. List [12] contains terms meaning to vomit. Technical expressions include regurgitar and devolver:

    chulear, lanzar.

  13. List [13] contains terms for the pubic hair. Educated terms include vello púbico:

    pendejo, selva.

  14. List [14] contains terms for the penis. Educated terms include pene and falo. Traditionally, any cilindrical object can become a slang name for the penis:

    alambre, bazooka, berenjena, bergamota, bulto, caño, carajo, cartílago, clavelito, chaucha, chino tuerto, chizito, chonga, chorizo, chota, choto, elcho, escopeta, gallina, garcha, mango, maní, manija, morcilla, muñeco, palo, pedazo, pepino, pija, pingo, pistola, pitilín, pito, pitulín, poronga, sable, salchicha, salchichón, sin hueso, tercer pierna, trozo, verga, zanahoria.

  15. List [15] contains terms for the female genitals. Educated terms include vulva and vagina (obviously, for the vulva and the vagina respectively):

    araña, argolla, cachucha, cartuchera, concha, cotorra, cueva, chacón, chocha.

  16. List [16] contains terms for the testicles. Educated terms include testículos and sometimes compañones (in some foreign book traductions). As in the case of the penis, any spherical object can become a slang name for the testicles:

    bolas, canicas, gemelos, guindas, huevos, kinotos, pelotas.

  17. List [17] contains terms for the (female) breast. Technical terms are mamas, pechos and senos (the last one is only heard in dubbings and not commonly used here):

    gomas, limones, melones, pechuga, pomelos, tetas.

  18. List [18] contains terms meaning to copulate (both transitive and intransitive; consult individual entries). Polite terms are mostly evasive, and include copular, hacer el amor, tener sexo and mantener relaciones sexuales. Other educated terms include fornicar, which implies sin (as stated by Christian moral rules) and aparearse which makes most Spanish speakers think in Fibonacci's rabbits:

    bailar(se), bañar el/la [14], cojer, curtir, darle a alguien, echarse un polvo, empomar, follar, garchar, hacerlo, joder, meter el/la [14], mojar (el/la [14]), moverse, penetrar.

  19. List [19] contains terms for an act of copulation. Educated terms include copulación and relación sexual:

    baile, garche, polvo.

  20. List [20] contains terms meaning to perform anal sex. Educated terms include mantener relaciones sexuales anales and sexo anal for the act itself:

    culear, dejar el [10] como una flor, entregar el [10], hacer el [10], hacerlo por atrás, hacerlo por atriqui, romper el [10], torcer el [10].

  21. List [21] contains terms meaning to perform oral sex. Educated terms include mantener relaciones sexuales orales and sexo oral for the act itself:

    chupar, lamer, mamar, saborear, succionar, tragar.

  22. List [22] contains expressions for an act of masturbation. Educated terms include masturbación:

    japa, la del mono, Manuela (Soledad Palma), paja.

  23. List [23] contains terms meaning to masturbate. Educated terms include masturbar(se):

    acariciarse, cargar la escopeta/pistola, hacer escupir al/a la [14], hacer la del mono, hacerse la/una [22], jugar con el/la [14], sacudir el/la [14], tirar el/la [14], tocarse.

  24. List [24] contains derogatory expressions addressing a person who masturbates, usually habitually (usually a male):

    jeropa, pajero.

  25. List [25] contains terms meaning ejaculation. Educated terms include eyaculación:

    floweo, polvo.

  26. List [26] contains terms meaning to ejaculate. Educated terms include eyacular:

    acabar, flowear.

  27. List [27] contains terms meaning condom. Educated terms include condón, preservativo and profiláctico:

    antiembarazo, bombucha, forro, globito, globo, goma, gomita, plastiquito, Tuli, Tulipán.

  28. List [28] contains terms for addressing a male homosexual, most of them derogative. Polite terms include homosexual and gay:

    bala, balero, balín, balinazo, comechingón, geisho, mamón, maraca, marica, maricón, mariposón, masca[14](s), mozo sin bandeja, puto, sopla[14](s), traba, traga[14](s), trava, travesaño, travesti, trolo.

  29. List [29] contains terms meaning to be a male homosexual, most of them derogative. Polite terms include ser homosexual and ser gay:

    comérsela, gustarle a uno la bala, ir para atrás.

  30. List [30] contains terms for addressing a female homosexual, most of them derogative. Polite terms include homosexual and lesbiana:

    papa y huevo, torta, torti, tortilla, tortillera, vuelta y vuelta.

  31. List [31] contains terms meaning to be bisexual, most of them derogative. Polite terms include ser bisexual:

    atender por los dos mostradores, no saber en qué baño entrar.

  32. List [32] contains terms meaning semen. Formal terms are semen and esperma:

    huasca, leche.

  33. List [33] contains terms meaning a female prostitute. Polite terms are prostituta and meretriz:

    gata, gato, puta, trola, yiro.

  34. List [34] contains terms referring foreign people, or members of some other minorities:

    bolita, brazuca, chino, gallego, paragua, ponja, ruso, tano, turco, yanqui, yorugua.

  35. List [35] contains euphemisms for less acceptable expressions:

    a la flauta, caracho, caramba, me cacho en diez, miércoles.

  36. List [36] contains terms meaning a motel (or "love hotel", where people go to have sex); a more formal expression is albergue transitorio:


  37. List [37] contains terms meaning procurer, a man who has a woman prostitute for him; standard Spanish terms are proxeneta and rufián:

    cafiolo, cafisho, fiolo.

  38. Finally, other words which don't fall in any specific category:



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