Chunotl lexicon

Main / Chunotl

acaur: to depress

adamp: to say, to speak

adaur: worm

adaurhi: earthworm

adoval: to drive

adovar: to build

afaur: finger

agaur: fair, straight

agauraton: justice

alaur: the space between the clouds

anash: god

anaur: to control, to tell off, to watch

anaurpan: restriction, law, rule

apaur: bars

apaurco: jail, cage

ar: to be, to exist

-ar: for, to

ardash: to bright

ardashaton: bright

aroth: name

asaur: to die

asaurco: tomb, cemetery, grave

ashic: through

atl: leaf

atolatl: all, everything

atolatlaton: the Universe

atsaco: to can

auax: avoid, abstain from

axmal: white

axoan: to shelter, to cover

axomal: light

axomalhi: star, bright point

bain: to be (somewhere)

bord: night, darkness, to turn black by the action of fire

bordhi: ash

brexoan: to admire, to praise, idol

ceden: to breath

cedental: chest

chain: to desire, wish

cheden: to feel

chedenpan: feeling, emotion

chedental: stomach, navel, belly

cheps: thigh

chish: blue


coaxa: clothes, dress

cude: to get into, to make, to generate, to create, to become, to happen

cudeaton: mutation, evolution


dain: water, spring, fountain

dainhi: drop

datl: to gnaw

datltal: sharp teeth

dauac: herd, pride

docti: to remember

doctipan: memory, remembrance

eden: star

endu: I

enixi: ring

evixi: circle

evixitica: to surround, to encircle, circular

fain: flag

grua: cat

gu: from

-gu: from

haimos: to develop, to grow, to cultivate

he: up

heha: beautiful

hehaton: beauty

hueuca: to scream, to cry (painfully)

iger: forward

ipaua: to shout, to yell

irge: without (mean, instrument)

itash: mountain

lain: moon, heavenly body

lard: place, land

latl: to comb

laxce: to sing

laxcetal: throat

laxma: way, route, path

laxne: spice

lof: good (the Good)

mardash: to obey, to observe

matl: friend, community, family

mi: to have

nambe: pure

nar: towards

nauac: to suck, to lick

nauactal: mouth, lips

nax: and, but

naxaton: conjunction

nedr: to love, to like, to want

nemba: to drag

nembe: to start, to begin

neuac: the sun, in the evening

niaf: ugly

nimba: load, ballast

niuic: dog

noaxadl: light between the clouds

nombe: building, house

nombu: to crawl

nord: egg, seed

nordtica: to seed, to gestate, to plant

nov: heart

novtica: to beat

numbu: shape

oaxat: eclipse, to eclipse

onite: to separate, to detach, to pull apart

orodr: to look, look, glance

orodrtal: eyelids, eyebrows, eyelashes

ovixi: dry heat

oxocl: to sleep, to dream, dream

pauac: hill

phats: to eat

phatsco: dinning room

phatspan: lunch, supper, dinner, feast

phatstal: jaw, teeth, mouth

phatstla: plate, knife, bowl

phauac: liquid heat (infusion)

pheha: spear, dagger, sword, knife

pheux: to the right

plac: eye

plachi: iris


psatl: (eye) pupil

psolco: time (lapse)

rar: to write

rartla: pencil

raxne: mind, to imagine

rich: to the left

runa: to go

seden: to seem

selu: behind

sem: to frighten, to scare, to fear

seren: red

shatl: Beginning of the Time

shedr: with (not agent)

tadl: wind

tadlhi: zephyr

tadltica: blow

tas: until

tasil: bag

thaps: to puke, to vomit

thats: beard

theden: to laugh, smile

theha: mud

thouac: to tie, to bind, to join, to stick

tocl: evil (the Evil)

tsatl: gold

tseha: evening, sunset, twilight

tsolco: to push

ucacl: insect, bug

ucash: to teach, to learn

ucashco: school

udacl: hand

uort: time (the Time)

uortal: nasal cavities (where the time lives)

uortco: universe (the home of the time)

uorthi: moment

uxacl: hat

uxocl: land, ground, lot

uxoml: the sun, in the morning

uxomlhi: ray (of light)

vand: language

vidl: word

vixodr: meat (of a dead animal)

vo: you

vol: under, below

vorco: shout (to call aloud)

xatl: wet heat

xatl: to reign, to rule

xatlco: palace, castle

xoani: knuckle, fist, to knock with the fist

xol: with (mean, instrument)

xolco: liquid

xolcohi: dew

xolcotla: recipient, jug, bucket